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Discovering the keys to success of Quebec’s most successful social media accounts

Social media have triggered a major evolution in the way companies interact with their audience, offering new ways to communicate instantly, create links and engage with their community. Social networks have thus become an essential communication channel for companies wishing to reach and engage their target clientele effectively.

In Quebec, many social media accounts have succeeded in leveraging their remarkable online presence to build an authentic community around their brand.

Here is a list of social media accounts in Quebec that have distinguished themselves by the quality of their content, their engagement with their community, their relevance and their regularity on social platforms. Many of the branding tips mentioned in our analysis of the Barbie doll’s success are also being applied by these brands.

First and foremost, the quality of their visual content and their responsiveness are key factors in their success; companies that manage to create visually appealing content and connect with their community have a greater chance of creating a large, engaged community.

Cirque du Soleil – 1.9M Instagram followers and 1.8M TikTok followers

Take Cirque du Soleil’s Instagram account, which shares spectacular photos and videos of its performances.


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A post shared by Cirque du Soleil (@cirquedusoleil)

If you’re interested in the entertainment industry, following Cirque du Soleil on Instagram will keep you up to date with the latest trends in shows and events. They’re renowned for their innovation and creativity, so following their account can inspire you for your own creative projects.


Anyone else holding their breath?? 😳 Jimmy is literally flying here! #training #wod #wheelofdeath #circusartist

♬ оригинальный звук – 🦋 ʟᴇᴠɪᴛsᴋɪʏʏʏ 🦋

Quality content is also essential to stand out from other social media accounts. Companies should strive to create original, unique content that authentically reflects their brand.

Resto Lafleur – 7.2K Instagram followers and 40.4K TikTok followers

Engaging with their community is crucial to their success. Companies that actively interact with their community, responding to comments and sharing relevant content, are generally more likely to build loyalty.

Such is the case with Resto Lafleur’s TikTok account, which shares hilarious videos and interacts regularly with its community. Communication must be two-way: companies must listen to their community and respond to their needs.


Manger de la poutine avec classe #restolafleur #poutine #frite #quebec #montreal #lucie #jean #burger #hotdog

♬ original sound – Les Restaurants Lafleur

Their success on social networks is largely due to the endearing personality of Sylvie, a fictional character, who has attracted thousands of subscribers to their platforms. The relevance of their content also plays a crucial role in their success on social networks. In fact, companies that publish content that is relevant and captivating to their community are more likely to establish a relationship of trust with their community.

Nolinor Aviation – 146K Instagram followers and 1M TikTok followers

Nolinor Aviation’s Instagram account stands out for several reasons. Firstly, the airline regularly feeds its platform with captivating videos featuring its aircraft, crew and ongoing flight operations. These publications offer an authentic insight into Nolinor Aviation’s working environment and corporate culture, attracting the interest of aviation industry enthusiasts.


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A post shared by Nolinor_aviation (@nolinor_aviation)

In addition, Nolinor Aviation’s TikTok account is managed in a professional and engaging manner. The company proactively responds to comments and private messages from its subscribers, establishing a relationship of trust with its online community. Nolinor Aviation also strives to maintain a regular rhythm of content publication to reinforce its engagement with its community.


Keep fingers away! #nolinor #aviation #aircraft #canada #avgeeks #fyp #aviationtok

♬ son original – Nolinor Aviation

Nolinor Aviation has revolutionized online recruitment, setting new standards for efficiency and attractiveness in the industry. Renowned for its innovation and progressive dynamism, it has attracted an impressive number of applications, testifying to its dazzling success. With forward-thinking recruitment strategies, Nolinor has positioned itself not only as a leader in its field, but also as an employer of choice.

STM – 32.4k Instagram followers and 68.4k TikTok followers

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) excels at managing its community on social networks. On Instagram and TikTok, the STM doesn’t just provide information; it actively engages its community, creating a strong bond with riders. This personalized interaction builds trust and loyalty among passengers, adding a human dimension to the brand, particularly on Instagram.


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A post shared by aly (@alybrassard)

STM’s responsiveness on social networks is also remarkable. The rapid, original responses to various questions demonstrate an exceptional level of customer service. Beyond standard responses, each interaction is treated with particular attention, greatly enhancing the user experience on TikTok.

avec les bus comme en amour, les apparences sont parfois trompeuses ngl #montreal #mtl #514tiktok #tiktokquebec

♬ son original –

Sometimes bold, but respectful responses bring out the human dimension behind the brand. This approach allows STM to stand out in the digital landscape and build lasting relationships with its users.


In summary, it’s clear that Quebec’s most successful social media accounts have succeeded by adopting a strategic and dynamic approach to content creation and sharing, but above all they’ve understood that an engaging and responsive approach is at the heart of a winning strategy. They have succeeded in producing authentic, visually appealing, value-added content that captivates their community and encourages them to interact with them.

They have identified a niche and created relevant content in large quantities.

Social media provide an effective platform for companies to communicate with their community and build a relationship of trust with them. By adopting a strategic approach and striving to provide quality, relevant content, companies can use social media to reach their target community and strengthen their brand.

By applying best practices in digital branding, BDK can optimize your social media Instagram account to create a large, engaged community, as we did for Nolinor Aviation.